Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Skin Deep is Your Beauty (Products)?

I've been interested a long time in what exactly are those bizarre ingredients listed on my health and beauty products. Of course, being vegetarian, my first concern is making sure that the products I buy do not involve animal cruelty or testing (one and the same to me). Second, I want as natural a product as possible. I have a great book of common ingredients..a dictionary of sorts of typical cosmetic ingredients. You'd be surprised how bad typical products are..even ones labeled "natural." Urea, a standard ingredient in many products is actually a derivative of urine! Ew!

A friend recently gave me a link to this site:

What a great resource. Instead of flipping through my little cosmetic ingredient dictionary I can now just search for my products..and they are all rated by hazard. Some things have been surprising. I plan to run all my products through it this weekend when I have more time.