Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Catch-up

Hello everyone! I've been MIA again for a bit..lots of stuff goin' on.

One thing that has been keepin' me really busy is that I am a volunteer for a local pedestrian advocacy group here in Cambridge, MA. Cambridge was voted #1 walking city in America last year (and we hope this year!) by Prevention Magazine and it feels great getting to participate in making my city more walkable! In May we are running a program called "The Golden Shoes" program where we hide 100 "golden" shoes throughout the city..they are in reality old shoes, spray painted gold but regardless, everyone gets a kick out of it. The "finders" of the shoes get a giftie baggie full of fun stuff collected by my team from local merchants, etc. So I've been busy in my free time doing some marketing and soliciting sponsors for the program. I'm having a blast!

Yesterday, I contacted Barefoot Books here in Cambridge. Barefoot is a publisher of children's books and they just happen to have their flagship retail space down the street from yours truly. Since many of our golden shoe "finders" are kids, I thought Barefoot would be a good match for a sponsor. They kindly agreed to participate! What impressed me the most is that they have a whole selection of kids books with an eco-friendly message. How cool is that? If you have kids in your life (or if you just like kids books!) I hope you'll check them out because they rock! And with Earth Day today, how timely.

The Degus (aka the "Goos") we adopted almost a month ago are doing really well! Degu Manor is still not complete but it's livable. We have noticed a big difference in the Goos' climbing and jumping skills. We think this is because they were probably in much smaller cages in the past that didn't allow them to jump and play as much as they need. I gave them some sunflower seeds for the first time last night and wow, squabble fest! My mom got a chuckle out of this having raised three girls who are close in age. Everything must be one child must get more than the other. Well, the Goos are the same. Squabbles break out if I give a peanut to one..the other two will chase him to get the peanut (cause it's only fair, right?!) even though I have peanuts for all. So I figured out that I must put all three nuts in my outstretched hand and they will each pick one (and only one) for themselves. My mom is secretly giggling to herself after what my sisters and I put her through for years I am sure! Although my Goos have a gigantic amount of space to play in Degu Manor, we like to let them out. Since they are little gnawers, I cannot let them run free because their fav thing to gnaw are electric cords. Ack! So when I saw these balls in the local pet store I thought, let's try it. I'm still shocked how much the Goos love these balls. They practically jump over themselves trying to get into a ball when I offer them up. Check this out:

The weather is getting warm! Time for smoothies, right?! Here's my favorito favorite! Choco-Raspberry...Take 1 cup chocolate "milk" (I use Almond Breeze), 1 cup frozen organic raspberries, 1 tbsp. cocoa powder and whirl in your blender until smooth. Add liquid sweetener such as agave or maple syrup to taste if you want (I rarely do because the "milk" is sweet enough for me).

Pre-blender button push..

The result is a thick and frosty smoothie in a gorgeous pinkie color. I have these all warm weather long as my favorite healthy treat!

This past Sunday, I visited Greenward, my local eco-friendly store for some finishing details for my PIF'ers (yes, it's comin' soon!). They were having a birthday/Earth Day Celebration and each customer received an adorable decorated brown bag with a variety of gifties. Check out my loot generously donated by The Sampler. If you haven't heard of the Sampler, please check it out! It's a super cool way for indie crafters like, well, all of us, to get the word around about our wares. Now I do not sell my stuff 'cause a.) I don't have the time b.) I am really lazy and would rather dream of making vegan pancakes on a weekend BUT I love to support peeps who do. You can subscribe to the Sampler and get a gifty bag each month full of crafty fun. Love it!

Cute paper flowers decorating the bag...

Just call me Strawberry Shortcake, I won't mind berry much at all..strawberry hair clips from Cherry Red Studios. They are having a sale..check 'em out. Now I finally have hair clips to match my strawberry handbag..he he he!

A cute pendant made from a bottle cap by Emily Kirscher, recycling artist..I've worn this several times since Sunday. I love it...

For keeping your tissues cute in your bag! From the Blankie Keeper..cute stuff especially if you have kids..or just act like one. Guilty!

Magneto kittie by Dismissie..for my new metal bulletin board at work. Great stuff on their site and their Etsy store...

A pencil from's forgive them because obviously they haven't read OUR blogs right?? Not to mention most bloggers I know are darn fierce readers too..check out their site..darn cutie wooden bookmarks!

Cards! Vegan perfect, huh?

Handmade soap from Naikid..was excited to see it 's vegan!

So I've got a ton more things to share but don't want to make this blog post any longer and bore you to death! In the coming week I will finally post about the following things I've been promising for oh so long:
  • My animal rights study group (which is wrapping up early May). I'll get into the details of New Welfarism vs. Abolitionism
  • Making your own vegan lip balm
  • Making your own vegan laundry detergent
  • An amazing vegan lemon bread recipe
  • Tofu, tofu, tofu!
Finally, I'll leave you all with a new product announcement that I cannot wait to try but it hasn't shown up in my Whole Foods yet:

I haven't tried a Turtle Mountain Foods brand that I don't like..I especially LOVE their So Delicious line of coconut products. Check 'em out online and enter to win a cooler full of coconut milk! Contest ends May 15th, 2009.

Later friends!! Hope you all can get out and enjoy some warmer weather wherever you are!


Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

Nice loot! such fun and adorable things! ;)

Tara said...

Wow, this post is full of awesomeness. I love hearing about the Goos! I'd really like to get my hands on some of those kids books, seeing as I read to kids almost every day. And all that loot! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow - great post. I feel officially caught up!
First, loved the video. I just tucked in Guppy, but I'll have to show her that one tomorrow it's so cute.
So excited that you'll be sharing the lemon bread and lip balm because my mum just was raving about how great they are!
And what a wonderful cause you're involved in! I love seeing cities working to become more pedestrian-friendly!

Jes said...

Degus running around in balls!!!!! Tooooo cute! My rats hated those things, but the goos really go for 'em!

Sarah said...

Please save those adorable flowers that came on the bag,
lets make some! Love the Goos vid! And I made the oatmeal raisin cookies out of Joy of Vegan Baking - Tom hasn't been able to find an acceptable vegan option of his favorite cookie in years - they disappeared very fast. Delicious!

For the Love of Guava said...

ahh... I've been thinking about getting the sampler for so long!! I might just have to break down after seeing your loot!

Leslie Smith said...

I'm glad you like your Blankie Keeper sample tissue keeper. The real size Blankie Keepers are great for your child's first or favorite blankie.

Thanks for the mention!
Leslie Smith