Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VeganMoFo Post #6: Another Year Celebrated With Two Cakes and Some Fuzzies

I'm really behind with my MoFo'ing..and this post isn't really about me cooking so let me distract you with some scenes from my recent birthday (Monday) and some fuzzies!

Wonderful sister got me two vegan birthday cakes! This is the chocolate raspberry:

And a vanilla strawberry cream cake..with vegan gum drops on top:

The day began with the first frost in New Hampshire. I ran around in my slippers trying to capture the frost melting in the sun but wasn't super successful. Frost is hard to photograph I learned!

The day ended with an amazing fireworks display put on by a local church to celebrate 100 years of, well, um, churchness?

Some birthday loot..Sarah gave me the VeganYumYum cookbook. Lauren Ulm, the author, is local and she's speaking at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival on November 1st so this baby is so being autographed. I can't wait! And H gave me a copy of Scared Squirrel which is one of my favorite books of all times!

A variety of cards perfect for a vegan!

And finally to distract you further with fuzzies, the Goos got a new bathhouse. I tried to get a picture of them in the bathhouse. However, the mere presence of me with a camera was too much for their curiosity.

What are you doing? Do you have nuts for us? Are you going to let us run around in the bedroom now? Can we play?

Finally Keebler poses near the bathhouse. Degus, like Chinchillas, need daily dust baths to keep clean. We tried a variety of containers but found the dust as far as the kitchen so we knew we needed an enclosed container. I saw the bathhouse at a pet store and thought "perfect." The goos spent several minutes checking it out and enjoying their new private, members-only bathhouse! "Mom, you didn't tell us that we had to keep the dust IN the bathhouse!"


Debra said...

what a beautiful cake. Looks like you had a great birthday!

Tara said...

Happy belated birthday!! Those cakes are gorgeous, as are your goos! And I love, love, love Scaredy Squirrel!

For the Love of Guava said...

aww... what pretty cakes... and clean goo babies you have!

Artichoke Zine. said...

Those cakes are beautiful!!x

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jes said...

Happy belated birthday!!! And goo sandbath cuteness--I can't wait for some action shots :)

Jeni Treehugger said...

TWO birthday cakes, TWO!!
And they BOTH look amazing. So not only do I have cake envy but I have cook book envy as well. And you got to see fireworks too, how cool is that.
Happy Happy Birthday.

*goes off to look at the goos*


veganf said...

Where'd ya get the cakes? Hippie Chick?