Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today is the day that I have started Gemusings. If you told me today when I awoke that I'd be starting a blog, I wouldn't have believed you. I don't care much for blogs. Honestly, I think they're kind of boring. But occasionally there are some that are amusing and entertaining. I hope Gemusings will fall in the latter cateogory!

Gemuse is the German word for vegetable and musings are thoughts or maybe if I stretch it "amusing" thoughts! So let's just say Gemusings will be amusing thoughts not just about vegetables but about vegetarianism.

But seriously, if you read this, I am honored. I am started Gemusings as a way to make sure that I'm writing on a regular basis, kind of like a literary bran muffin for my literary digestive tract as one of my two sisters (probably Michelle) might say. We are a kind of weird family.

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