Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Yard, The Great Outdoors

I am pretty lucky that even though I just live steps from Davis Square in Somerville, full of coffee places, restaurants, a really cool theatre, and tons of shops, my yard is a backyard paradise. This is in part to my neighbor Tom who has a very green thumb. We also get a lot of wildlife passing through. This year a deer, wild turkeys and bunnies have been spotted along with our always present white skunks (w/black stripes!), squirrels, tons of birds, and some groundhogs. Today a flock of Canadian geese flew over the house and honked so loud that I jumped. I guess the fall migration has begun! Here are some recent photos:

Baby squirrels peeping out of their nest:
Some flowers pix that I'm taking for a calendar for my neighbor:

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