Sunday, September 28, 2008

Durgin Park, Vegetarian-Style

Okay, Fanueil Hall in Boston isn't exactly the place were the denizens of Boston tend to flock. A tourist mecca to say the least if tourist bus after tourist bus didn't tip you off already! However, within the touristy shops and typical "American" style restaurants, there's a great restaurant to visit: Durgin Park. The web site makes it clear that the place is old: "Founded before you were born" and the menu offers up some traditional New England favorites such as indian pudding, coffee jello, and yankee pot roast. It's the place to go in the area to chow down on some good old New England fare. Once a year, my extended family meets up there and this weekend was that weekend.

Mom and Grandpa having a great time. The waitress took a shine to Grandpa and insisted it was his birthday. She brought in an indian pudding with a candle and had the whole room sing to Gramps!

The gang enjoyed themselves and the two pitchers of beer!

And finally, my "Bale of Hay"..carrots, cabbage, corn, and potato. Along with some corn bread, it was the perfect meal even if Grandpa teased me about eating rabbit food!