Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pay It Forward And More Sugar!

Hey, it's PIF time! Now, it's my turn to send gifty goodness to three other bloggers. I figure by now you guys all know how this works. If not, here's how it goes..I don't know where this originated but I first saw it on Shellyfish's blog: the Pay It Forward challenge. So Cupcake Punk then did a PIF challenge and lo and behold, now it's my turn. We're all connected by 6 degrees of Kevin Tempeh Bacon, right? ;)

So if you'd like to participate, just leave a comment on this post that says "PIF" (don't be shy) by December 31st, 2008 and after that if I have more than three people who want to participate, I will randomly choose three people to, in the next 365 days, send a care package of homemade/handmade gifty goodness. The only catch is that you must have a blog and you must be willing to "pay it forward" by doing the same thing on your blog. Fair enough?!
Amended 12/21/08: Sorry, guys, totally forgot to mention that yes, non-North American bloggers are more than welcome to PIF too!

Speaking of fun stuff in the mail, we got a mysterious package in the mail last week..from Germany! With love from H.'s parents who had a bakery in Nüremburg, Germany send us a big box of cookies. My inlaws even noticed that we have two Klimt prints in our house and picked out a box to match. I am obviously very blessed in the inlaw department.

Inside the pretty box, behold the cookieness! Unfortunately, none are least I thought...

Until one week later (today), when emptying the box so I could fill it with vegan cookies for a potluck tonight, I found: Spekulatius cookies and they ARE vegan. Yippee yay!

So now I can try out Mihl's marvelous spekulatius butter and truffles. I have to say that I am so incredibly grateful for VeganMoFo because without, I may have never found Mihl's blog (and so many others)..and my life would be sorely lacking. H. is not a vegan but mainly eats vegetarian food..he's been very accommodating to my switch over to veganism two years ago (after 13 years veg)..but it's hard sometimes to veganize some of his german family recipes. But I can show him Mihl's blog and he's like, oh yeah, I LOVE that stuff, let's make it all. It's really cool to see someone get excited about vegan recipes. Plus don't you just find that cooking without egg and milk is SOOO much easier? Everything is pretty much shelf-stable and give me some Ener-g egg replacer to whip up any day vs. cracking an egg anyday!

Speaking of H., here he is fixing my bookcase last week. seems that someone has a vegetarian cookbook! I guess I overstuffed the bookcase so much that it started to wiggle and lean to the side.

Evidence of my addiction...okay, not all are cookbooks. Maybe 1% are art books..he he he! Handy H. put a brace into the bookshelf and all is fine now.

And last but not least, the no-crust pumpkin pie from Lindsay's (Happy Herbivore) Pudge-free holiday recipes cookbook. Super yum! 2nd time making this and I love it! I topped it with a store-bought soy whipped cream.


Tara said...

I would really like to participate in the PIF event! It sounds like so much fun!

Tara said...

I forgot to mention how awesome that box is! And now I must try those cookies since I've heard about them twice! I wonder if you can get them over in the states?

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I'd love to play... but I've already been tagged to PIF twice... would it be fair to get to do it three times? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Your poor bookcase! Groaning under the weight of all those veggie cookbooks......bookcase abuse! >;o)

For the Love of Guava said...

Well... I signed up on Heathen Vegan but as I don't know if I'll be picked.... mememememe...I love a reason to give a homemade prezzie!

hehee... I found Mihl's blog during MoFo too!! unfortunately, I often have no idea what that crazy cat's a cookin' (although it all look UH-MayZEEing!) I must venture out of my baking bubble!

Mihl said...

Awesome that you found those cookies! All that praise on my blog, I am red as a traffic light right now. I am very glad I found your blog though veganmofo, too! I like your posts and recipes a lot.

Your Spekulatius package is so pretty, I hope you like the truffles.

I would love to take part in PIF, but sending a package from Germany to the USA is so ridiculously expensive :(

Amanda said...

Hey everyone!
Katie and Guava, I don't think it's a problem--if you win in more than one place, it just means the more PIY you're sending out ;) So, in a nutshell, I don't mind if you don't mind!

Mihl--Germany is so easy for me to send packages..actually europe isn't too bad either as we visit there at least once a year and have visitors come here who I can always send packages back with!