Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Polar Bear "Protest," More DIY Links, Proxy the Squirrel, and A Jumble Of Randomness

This post might seems like a collection of rambling, jumbled thoughts instead of one cohesive post. That's because it is! I am completely addled brained right now trying to finish up work for the end of the year as well as do all my holiday shopping. While doing said holiday shopping, my sister's Snuffles bear (lower right bear) was spotted in Harvard Square last night by me. Michelle claims that he's in town doing work for a polar bear conservation group..she believes this photo is not a store window holiday display but a bear protest against global warming. Did you ever have a Gund Snuffles bear? There are blogs and web sites dedicated to the little guy. He'll take on a life of his own once he snuggles his way into your heart.
Second, the DIY links..they just keep flying into my inbox. Maybe it's because of the economy that everyone is so interested in DIY this year..dunno..but isn't it great? I just think of blister-pak free gifts and giggle. Seriously, who in their right mind invented blister-paks? You know that annoying plastic packaging that covers most things we buy? That's a blister-pak The kind that won't open without scissors and stabs your poor little hands with its jagged edges?

Anyway, without further delay, here are those DIY links!
Here's a shot of "Proxy" the Squirrel (short for "proximity")..he's one of Squirrelly's kids and has been clever enough to watch his mom and me interact. See that blue thing in the lefthand corner of the picture? That's my leg..that's how close he came. And look how he looked at the camera? Wild animals will rarely make eye contact with you unless they are challenging you or feeling really comfortable. I'm hoping Proxy feels the latter! I just couldn't believe how patiently he waited for me to fiddle around with my cellphone camera in order to take this shot. In a few minutes his mom came back. I was surprised that she didn't chase the hell out of him like she does to all other squirrels who come near me (she's made it clear that H. and I are her big not-so-furry squirrels). She did a half-hearted chase and then gave up and let Proxy hang out with us. A mother's love I guess ;) Yesterday, I found out that Squirrelly has been cheating on me..she has seduced many of my neighbors into giving her treats. I found a tower of peanuts outside her door. She looked at me to claim that she knew nothing about it but I didn't I see two women this past week stop to admire Squirrelly and offer her a nut?

Speaking of squirrels, did you know that there is an acorn shortage here on the east coast?
NPR story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97661116
CNN story: http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/12/12/acorn.shortage/index.html

So please, feed the fatties..they will love you for it. Besides, you can always get an immature giggle when leaving the house by telling your SO/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate, that you need to "grab your nuts" before leaving the house. Hee hee!

Sorry, no food pictures today but tomorrow I promise as well as finally posting my PIF link (Pay It Forward..I'll be sending gifty love by mail to three other bloggers randomly selected..more on that tomorrow!). I am one of three bloggers selected by the superbly talented Cupcake Punk's Jes (check out her award winning cake) for her PIF and it's my turn to send the love forward.


Anonymous said...

I love the polar protestors! Too cute! And an acorn shortage? Sheezh...that's so freaky, in a sad and disappointing way.

Tara said...

Heehee, I toast you with a mug of cocoa! To Christmas cheer! And fat squirrels!

Anonymous said...

I love the polar bear protest! And Proxy the squirrel is very friendly indeed! I never tire of seeing squirrels~ they always make my day! I love watching them bury nuts, the way they pummel the ground down on top. So cute! >:o)

Jenn said...

PIF baby!

You know the fatty squirrels love you best. Grab your nuts. That's too funny.