Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dirty Squirrel Pictures And Some Big Buns

Okay..slightly misleading title here..he he he! Although snow hit us again on Monday and we're back to winter (brrr...14 degrees this morning vs. the 60 degree weather last week), a few days ago, spring was clearly on the way! Little green stubs from the bulbs we planted last year are starting to poke their way through the ground. The sun was shining. It seems like a dream compared to this week. Back to full winter gear. But that's New England for you. They say about our weather, "If you don't like it, wait a minute." So true. And they've predicted 50 and 60 degree weather for Friday and the weekend. Light coat? Heavy coat? Gloves? Hat? Eat muff? Flipflops? Yes, I seriously saw a woman walking in flip flops last week whereas this week, we are all bundled up from head to toe.

The squirrels, however, know the drill well and are right on track for spring. Squirrelly's summer babies have moved out (don't worry, they are old enough to fend for themselves!) and I believe she is pregnant again. No sign of who her boyfriend is though. She's staying in her nest a lot lately and when she comes out, she just hangs around her tree. The only way we'll know for sure is if in a few weeks, we see some little heads hanging popping out of the tree! Last week, however, when the weather was warmer, we got a little visit in during our lunch break. She didn't seem very hungry which is normal..when the snow is gone and the squirrels can dig, they can usually recover the nuts that they worked so hard to hide in the fall. So our treats to her were extra and into the ground they went. She came back from her first nut hiding, covered in mud. It was complete cuteness!

It's a mud-pack, okay? I MEANT to get this dirty!

Okay, enough of the picture taking..hand over the nuts!

Squirrelly and H shooting the breeze..

So the other big news this week..H had a BIG birthday this week! eh hem..we won't say exactly how old but I am grateful that he ventures into this new uncharted age territory a few years before yours truly! So this being a big year, something special was needed. Big Cinnamon Buns. Here they are in the buff (aka pre oven):

A surprise birthday breakfast complete with inflatable cake! The gift on the table was a copy of "Donkey" a very sweet, beautiful book about donkeys. H loves donkeys (almost as much as squirrels) and I hope we can make it to a donkey sanctuary this year. There are tons in the UK..actually aren't there are ton of sanctuaries for just about anything in the UK? How 'bout hedgehogs? Check! Love it..

The cinnybunnies! Recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking. These buns are amazing and gigantic!

Oh..ah...they actually smell and taste better than they look if that was even possible! A day later and I'm still coming home to the smell of cinnamony goodness.

In other news, my animal rights study group is kicking my buns (sorry.couldn't help it!)..we met on Sunday afternoon at a vegan restaurant in downtown Chinatown in Boston. Everyone in the group is vegan so it's fun to hang out with other vegans. But as I said before, the material is tough. A few people have expressed some interest in learning about what we are reading..I will post soon a summary of the finer points (as I understand them so far). It's been really inspiring. That's it for now..I'll be back soon with a lentil salad recipe!


Tara said...

Wow, squirrels and cinnamon buns in one post! Be still my heart! I love Squirrely's muddy little nose! Those buns look great and I'll have to get around to making them sometime! Happy birthday to H.!

Jes said...

Awwwww super cute pregnant squirrel! She's glowing, I swear! Your buns look fab. They're so perfect for warming up in the "it ought to be springtime" winter!

Mihl said...

I love your squirrel posts!

Cinnamon buns for a birthday? Yes please. They are big and look mighty tasty.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to H! Love the buns & squirrels!!
Please do share what you'all are reading! I'd love to hear more about it!

For the Love of Guava said...

those cinny buns are UHmayzeeing looking! how did I miss so many posts! and good for you for giving hedgehogs and donkey their due... definitely unappreciated!