Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Whole Buncha Fuzzy Wuzzies

I am very excited to tell you that this:

Came from this, my very own container garden, just started two weeks ago!

Also very excited to say that my Goos are head over heels herbivores. I had no idea they would love a fresh herb salad quite as much as they did. Here they are on their "patio" which is a board on an old fish tank on a table with a beer box on it..for whatever reason, they love it.

There was much enthusiasm in grabbing the lavender and mint from the bowl. Even the chive flowers.

And again today, repeated this time with some oregano which was a big hit too! So much so that Cubbie grabbed some away from Trolli before he realized there was enough for everyone (and will be all summer!). Silly Goos...

And today we caught a glimpse of Squirrelly's spring babies, almost grown up! It's amazing to watch how fast they grow. Mom was no where to be seen but three of these little guys came out to gawk at the weird, tall hairless squirrels with the camera (me and H).

This is actually one shot where the tree baby on one side, another on the other.

Young squirrels have such cute white fuzzy bellies. Let me tell you, there are few things as nice on this earth as getting to rub a fuzzy white squirrel belly. And the squirrelly doesn't mind either..well, at least if she knows you! I wouldn't recommend it with a squirrel who doesn't know you that well. H used to rub Squirrelly's belly at night to help her sleep and she loved it. Whoever would have known?

And finally, the food..I whipped together some sushi tonight from some leftovers. A sushi ar-tiste I am not! They barely held together. But they tasted great with the avocado and carrot. Hopefully my technique will improve over time..please..maybe??

I was really excited to make my favorite salad dish..Oshitashi..a Japanese marinaded spinach salad. It turned out okay..I think I'll try a different recipe next time and maybe let it marinade more. I should have plenty of opportunities to practice soon as I just got a postcard from my farm share..the first deliveries start next Thursday..eeekk!!! I just yesterday cleaned out some purple cabbage and rutabaga (so sad I know, hiding my head in shame) leftover from last November.

Over and out for tonight good buddies!


Mihl said...

Wow, I would be totally exited about that container garden too! And I am glad your goos share the love for vegetables and salad. Those are some pretty cute pictures.

Jeni Treehugger said...

OMG! Fuzzy wuzzies indeed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the goos and their patio and tucking in to your wonderful fresh Herbs and Veggies.And those baby squirrels are just the happiest thing ever!
Your container garden is AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

Well done on that garden! And, as always, loving the goo shots! And squirrel babies, too!! It doesn't get better than that!

For the Love of Guava said...

AAHH!! I want a fuzzy wuzzy goo baby!! Although Scooters pretty close... oh yeah .. and would try to start duels to the death with them! Teehee... but Goo Manor looks like it's coming along splendidly you Goo Mama you!

P.S. GOOD JOB on the Garden!! Awesome!

veganformation said...

Wow, the squirrel are cute! Good Job!

Jes said...

Ahhhhh degus eating degu-sized salads! Too darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so amazing! I'm impressed. I am aiming at having some herbs at least this summer...has to be small to grow in my already-crowded kitchen table!
The goos are just so cute! I love goo updates!

Felicity said...

I love the pics of the goos enjoying your garden greens. And the squirrels... too cute!