Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Nuts About Almond Milk

I have tried just about every kind of dairy alternative out there..for years I was a soy milk girl but I seemed to have inherited my mom's slight soy intolerance. I can still have the stuff but in smaller quantities so I've switched to almond milk, saving my soy allowance for yummy tofu and other soy-based foods. And now I'm finding that I actually love the almond milk more than the soy stuff. I have been enjoying a glass of it, warming in the micro with a few drops of almond extract..yum and so soothing and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Since my name means "almond" in French ("Amande") this was meant to be undoubtedly!! I've tried the Pacific brand but Blue Diamond (remember them? the nut people?!) is my brand of choice. I go for the unsweetened original so I can use it on cereal or in recipes. You can order it online directly from Blue Diamond which is kind of unusual for a manufacturer this big but it's a good option since there's a run on this stuff at my local Whole Foods. I usually try to pick up several if I see them in stock 'cause many times they are out when I need it most! My Whole Foods usually has it on sale for $2 which is a bit cheaper than ordering it from Blue Diamond.

Above is a picture from Wikipedia of an almond plant. When we were traveling in Spain a few years ago, we saw some almond trees blossoming and found some wild almonds in their fuzzy casings on the ground. Being from New England, it's not something we get to see on a regular basis and we were quite amazed by it!

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