Monday, November 03, 2008

The Day of the Dead Celebration, Vegan-Style

This past Sunday, November 2nd, H. and I plus our two upstairs neighbors, went to the Peabody Museum at Harvard University for their annual Day of the Dead Celebration, sponsored by the Mexican Consulate of Boston. H. and I went last year and really enjoyed it. Until last year, I didn't know much about the celebration. Since then, I've learned that it's a lovely holiday for remembering family members and loved ones who have passed away. Yummy food, beautiful decorations, and a little sentimentality..what more could I ask for!

The decorations were festive! I love the colors:

A salsa dancing demonstration:

Me and H. Not bad for a cell phone camera photo!

And finally, the alters:

Fruits are always offered.

Beans and nut bars!

Fruits AND veggies.

This alter was in honor of people who died from was very touching:

And finally, although the food was good and free(!) at the event, it wasn't vegan so we stopped at Boca Grande where I got rice and beans. I noticed that they now offer tofu in many dishes so I'll have to return soon to try it!

At the festival itself, two non-vegan treats were served: Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead I guess!) and Mexican hot chocolate. So in the spirit of the season, I'll make some vegan versions soon. Until then, I'm watching the Saturday Night Live Election Special and biting my nails for tomorrow, The Really Big Election Day.

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Mihl said...

What a celebration! I wish we had all these great holidays in Germany.
P.S. I totally forgot to tell you: I have relatives in Delmenhorst. My aunt and uncle live there.