Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Turning Into Little Miss Muffin!

Okay, another weekend and MORE muffins. We visited Gpa yesterday aka Grandpa and my dad who is home alone this weekend while my mom helps my lil' sister Michelle move back to Brooklyn. We got Gpa a mac mini this past week with a 22 inch monitor. Did you know that Apple is just amazing with people who have vision or hearing problems? If you've got a mac, everything you need is already built in via your system preferences/Universal Access. It's amazing. We helped Gpa set up his email so that his mac "reads" the email to him. Way cool!

Anyway, Gpa loves blueberry muffins so I decided to make some for him. Now when baking vegan goods for the fam, I find it's necessary to pull out the big guns. Meaning, the recipes that I love and that are well tested. So that means pulling out Sarah's mom's blueberry muffin recipe which Sarah and I have pretty much veganized.

Using frozen blueberries means that I have to coat them in flour first so they don't make a big mess..but instead leave cool purply swirls in the batter.

The final product. I kept a few for hubby and they are quickly disappearing from the kitchen counter! Hum..must check husband for blue smudges around the mouth ;)

And finally, I also made the pumpkin spice muffins from Vegan w/A Vengeance ...turned out wonderfully. Which reminds me that I need to repeat the apple spice muffins since the disaster of forgetting the sugar in them last month!


Mihl said...

Keep the muffins coming, I can never get enough of them.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

You're a muffin making monster-- and I mean that in the best way possible. I wish you shipped!