Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Post-Mortem

Not much in the way of cooking. I tried Shellyfish's chocolate sugar cookie skeleton idea but wheat-free..mixed result. But they sure were cute!

My neighborhood really gets into the spirit of the holiday:

Fighting over a fly..

Something about this decoration reminds me of the Burning Man Festival:

Later: at night, a neighbor's ghostly lawn has some interesting landscaping!

Trick or Treat

After the Gruesome Threesome at the Somerville Theatre (we got to see the Simpson's "Shinning" following by the actual "Shining"), we stopped by the Museum of Bad Art in the basement of the theatre. pictures other than the entrance!

Sarah is an evil doctor..Tom is her unwilling (or willing?) jailbird victim!

Evil Doctor (Sarah) and the Devil (Michelle) fight to the death (or pose for the photo):

The Devil doesn't like having her picture taken. From the looks of her "bloody" nose, it seems the good/bad doctor won!

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Mihl said...

You live in a very beautiful neighbourhood!