Sunday, October 26, 2008

VeganMoFo 26: Sighted--vegan cookies going mainstream!

Hubby and I went for a walk today . The weather was gorgeous and the leaves, although past their peak, they are still beautiful. We walked for a while and ended up in Arlington close to one of our favorite coffee places. So we stopped in for a quick snack. This coffee place, Jam'n Java, starting carrying soy milk after I asked the owner if he would over a year ago. He agreed and sure enough the next time I was in, he had it all ready. What a sweetie! So we stopped in today and I saw a sign that they had, not one but two kinds of vegan cookies! Homemade! Aw!

I took these pictures with my phone since I didn't have my camera but I think they turned out okay despite that. The bottom cookie is ginger molasses and the top is a maple flavored cookie. Yum!

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Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Don't you love vegan surprises like that?