Wednesday, October 08, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 8: Hey hot stuff (and cold stuff), what's cookin'?!

Today was a busy food day in my apartment. Before noon, Boston Organics delivered (by bicycle!) my bi-weekly (meaning every other week) organic fruit delivery. This is my second delivery and so far I really like the convenience of having someone else pick out my fruit for me and the surprise of seeing what's in the box each week. It's sounds a little decadent, doesn't it? I mean, why can't I get off my lazy butt and just go shopping?!! Well, I could but I've found that left to my own devices, I spend too much time looking at the vegan baked goods section at Whole Foods (hello, I have a cupcake problem) and less in the produce section. And faced with the beautiful displays of fruits I find myself, well, a bit overwhelmed. Lame lame lame..I know. Plus I walk out with all sorts of do-dads that I really don't need. I compared the price of having the fruit delivered vs. buying and it worked out to almost exactly the same. So I get my fruit delivered and I stay out of trouble. Here's what I got this week:

For lunch, we whipped up some vegan quesadillas which were just 365 brand tortilla filled with red onions and red pepper, topped with Tito's salsa (our favorite--medium heat to pacify my husband who likes it hot and for me, a compromise because I am a spice wimp and usually take my heat mild), Follow Your Heart vegan sour cream and a squeeze of lime juice (gives that kind of tart taste that is missing from the vegan sour cream..not that I'm complaining..Follow Your Heart is really decent tasting):

For dinner, I had some beet greens to use up so I sauteed them with a little garlic and some yellow bell pepper and put them on top of a vegan gnocchi that I picked up at the market around the corner. I am very weary of ordering gnocchi in a restaurant as you never know what you're getting. Some people put eggs, cream and/or cheese in their gnocchi. But many store-bought kinds are vegan. My market used to carry a heat-sealed shelf-stable brand but they've stopped carrying it but luckily they now carry a frozen kind that has a resealable zipper top so you can make just a serving if needed! Gnocchi never lasts long in my house. I wasn't sure how this dish would turn out but it was really tasty. That may just be because the pesto from Veganomicon is just truly the BEST pesto ever, vegan or not! has some great food photos tips so I would really love to focus the next few weeks on improving the food photos that I take. To start, I need to find some better dishes and locate the "macro" setting on my Canon. Well, that's another project for next week!


wild said...

hummm can i have a little? Lucks good!

Anonymous said...

"cupcake" and "problem" should never be used in the same sentence! BT

Anonymous said...

Getting fruit delivered sounds really nice! Yum, quesadilla!

evestirs said...

i need to find that delivery thing over in my area, its a good idea!

Bethany said...

I did the delivery thing when homegrocer was around. very convenient. i also get all intimidated w/ the fruits sometimes. too many choices. I pretty much go in with a list.

I really want to get a CSA box. that would be adventuresome cooking.