Thursday, October 09, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 9: Reeking of humanity and maybe vegetables

Today I was out and about most of the day busy with work stuff and then spent the evening at the PBS studio in Boston watching a screening of King Lear before it is released. So there was no time to cook at home..which meant dinner consisted of peppermint tea, a few strawberries and some cookies..precluded by a tea w/steamed soymilk at Starbucks. The worst dinner I've eaten in a long time. And the movie was a bit too long for my liking but that might just be because my stomach was growling and I suddenly remembered that I hate Shakespeare. I mean, I can appreciate Shakespeare but let's just say I never looked back after the mandatory reading in high school! However, I did get a giggle out of seeing Sir Ian McKellan as King Lear in one of his crazy scenes grab his "chuckies" as Grandpa says and then decline to give his hand to his loyal subject because his hand reeked of "humanity." Oh man I was shaking with laughter. How did I miss that part in junior year lit?

But seriously aside from the longness of the movie and the not ideal dinner, it was fun to be out for the evening with the husband. A beautiful day for walking and the weather was just perfect. Before we left Cambridge for the afternoon, we had a stop to make: pick up the weekly farm share. So that's my VeganMoFo post for today..veggies, veggies, veggies. We didn't get leeks this week so I can't make some lame reek/leek joke lucky for anyone reading this ;)

Some kale, green leaf lettuce and a green whose name is escaping me right now.

Lots of peppers! Hot and not. Looks like we have four big ones that will be good for making stuffed peppers. The hot ones can go into more cornbread from Veganomicon. We keep making it and I keep freezing it so we can enjoy it with chili this winter.

Potatoes, delicata squash, turnips, and red onions.

The annual delivery of garlic. Gnarly little buggers but they're tasty!

Cauliflower and carrots. I'm thinking soup..what about you?

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Bethany said...

I never picked that up in King Lear, but for some reason that line seems familiar. I think of reading and watching shakespear as a treat and a chore at the same time. confusing.

I see you eat dinosaur kale too. I love it. Plus it makes me feel like a kid because of the dinosaur part.