Monday, October 13, 2008

VeganMoFo Days 11-12: Leaves, Dog Babies and Cupcakes

This past weekend, we went back up to New Hampshire to help my family move my grandfather into his new senior housing. It went pretty well. It seems the ladies in the housing complex are quite excited to have a "man" move in and were standing around watching us move him in. Grandpa isn't going to be lonely for sure ;)

The leaves were changing this weekend and reached their peak.

Their first night in their new home, Peek-a-boo had a hard time with being on the second floor of the housing complex so my mom got this doggie stroller from Petco for Gramps to quickly whisk Peekie downstairs and out to do her business. It looks crazy..and the dog isn't thrilled about it but it provides some stability for Grandpa going to the elevator and downstairs instead of using his walker. I told him that his baby was cute and he said while patting his big belly as if he's pregnant "well, I've got another on the way and we're not sure who the father is." You never know what's going to come outta this guy's mouth!

When I was a little kid I somehow decided that this tree was the same age as me. It was a tiny little thing back it's not. So this is what I'd look like as a tree right now ;)

Since vegan cakes are hard to find where my parents live, Michelle and I made two vegan cupcakes recipes from Vegan w/A Vengeance: The Fauxtess Cupcakes and the Coconut Heaven Cupcakes. I had been looking forward to making the Fauxtess Cupcakes for a couple of years. I don't normally bake sweets at home because I try to keep stuff out of the house and save it birthdays and special occasions. Here are they are hot from the oven, unfrosted.

The coconut frosting was super easy but the Fauxtess are a bit more complicated. First you use a frosting gun to inject cream into the middle of the cupcakes (sorry no picture). The first one I did almost exploded! When you're done, you move onto the chocolate ganache.

Then you're ready for the was a lot harder than it looks. The frosting was thicker consistency than toothpaste (per the directions). But we finally got 12 done.

The final product as photographed by Michelle outside.

And finally, the celebration..Happy Birthday to me!

Overall, the cupcakes were a hit. I don't know if I'd make the Coconut Heaven ones again (they were good but we all agreed we'd like more coconut taste) but the Fauxtess Cupcakes are worth a repeat!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Aww Happy Birthday!
Looks like you had a great time. The colours on those trees are just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope your grandfather likes his new home.
I've made the coconut heaven cupcakes once and love them but never got to make the fauxtess ones. They look perfect!

Bex said...

happy birthday!
My mouth is dribbling looking at those beautiful faustess cuppies.

Bethany said...

looks great! I have been itching to make fauxtess cupcakes. your swirls are perfect.

Your family has so much fun.

I completely miss the New England fall colors. We have some trees up here in WA that change, but not that many. though I do love cedars.

I miss hiking up Mt. Mansfield in the fall.